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Strategic Marketing
Every successful marketing campaign begins with one imperative element: a strong and compelling initial strategy. At The CORE, we begin each of our development strategies with your primary goals and develop a unique, customized contact strategy built upon a rigorous analysis of your customer data. Your existing customer base is the most cost-effective and efficient source for increasing profits. Whether you need to defend existing markets, expand relationships with your current customer base or acquire new customers to grow your market share, The CORE will define and implement the most efficient strategy to reach – and most times exceed – your marketing objectives.
Gear Our Strategy Development includes...
  • CORE's 'Trigger' Marketing Strategy
  • CORE's Proprietary LifeCycle Matrix Marketing Solution
  • Customer Acquisition Strategy
Strategy Details

CORE's 'Trigger' Marketing Strategy

Our ‘Trigger’ Marketing Strategies focus on your current customer actions and attributes to develop a highly targeted communication stream (via direct mail) to your customers on a timely and regular basis, no matter what industry your product/service falls into. Our Data Analysts are experts at working with our clients' data to extract the most effective and profitable marketing opportunities. We will develop and implement all aspects of the 'Trigger' Marketing Program from the initial creative to the response analysis on the program’s effectiveness.

We are experts on a multitude of industry products and know who your best customers are. From there, we track your most profitable customers' actions/accounts and develop the 'triggers' individually tailored to your clients. No matter what sort of industry you are in, The CORE's 'Trigger' Marketing Strategy is the most effective direct mail program to increase your clients' lifetime value and relationship loyalty as well as increase YOUR overall profits.

CORE's Proprietary LifeCycle Matrix Marketing Strategy

For over 30 years, we have used our proprietary LifeCycle Matrix Marketing programs to help our clients initiate and sustain the two-way communication necessary with their clients to drive response and increase bottom-line profits. Our LifeCycle Marketing program has been proven to be the most effective strategy at increasing revenue, no matter what product is being sold. This LifeCycle strategy is the cornerstone of what sets CORE apart from other direct marketing agencies. Each customer is managed individually, according to their specific action(s) and/or buying behavior and all communication with your customers is directly related to where they fall within the product’s life cycle process.

How do you ‘define’ a LifeCycle Matrix Marketing Strategy? Through a rigorous data analysis, we identify and target the most profitable segments of your database. By segmenting your customers into groups based on activity (or lack thereof), we send a highly targeted customer-specific message to trigger the desired actions. This not only compels immediate action, but also supports your on-going brand building and customer relationship development objectives. The focus is always on results: clear, concise messaging, with an offer-driven call to action.

Customer Acquisition Strategy

Your competitors aren't going anywhere, so a strong and successful acquisition strategy is the key to acquiring new accounts, at the most minimal cost to you. Customer acquisition is not easy, but with The CORE it is definitely possible. Many businesses lack the knowledge necessary to target and attract the right kind of customers. At The CORE, we take the time to analyze your current markets, so we can develop the most effective strategy to acquire the most profitable customers at the lowest cost. Knowing your existing customer's demographics and location are vital in the strategizing element for new customer acquisition.

Don't continue mass advertising to markets that previously have been unsuccessful. The CORE will help you to gain market share, today.

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