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Production Services
We have the ability to handle every step of your direct marketing in-house and we understand the importance of mailing on time. We specialize in production solutions, such as print production, laser personalization, lettershop and fulfillment – so we can offer the highest quality services, at the lowest cost.
Envelope Our Production Services include...
  • Web & Sheet-fed Form Printing
  • Laser Imaging & Personalization
  • Lettershop Services
  • Product Fulfillment
  • Postal Processing & Distribution
Service Details

Web & Sheet-Fed Form Printing Services

We provide full-service sheet-fed and web print production, complete with strong in-house production expertise. Multiple quality assurance checks are performed at every stage of the mailing to ensure the accuracy and quality of all mail pieces that leave our facility. CORE production professionals press-approve every element of your direct mail campaign, delivering your prospects and customers the highest-quality printed components. If you need it, CORE will deliver it – always on time and on budget.

Laser Imaging & Personalization Services

At CORE, we have the ability to develop, handle and manage multiple versions of letter text and forms. This is a strong attribute that sets us apart from other production facilities. Our large capacity for laser personalization ranges from millions to less than 100 cost-effectively. Whatever your volume – CORE is your low-cost production solution.

Lettershop Services

Here at CORE, we understand the importance of mailing on time. We have a fully equipped in-house lettershop, capable of handling high quantity mailings with a quick turnaround. Some of our lettershop services include: bindery, inserting, order processing, hand fulfillment and product fulfillment. We guarantee all of our work, so you can be sure your mail piece will drop correctly and on time – every time.

Product Fulfillment Services

After your direct mail package has been delivered, CORE can also handle the fulfillment that may go along with it. Whatever your company’s marketing efforts focus on, we are able to help you manage the critically important ‘back end’ operational issues that can be challenging, time consuming and costly. This helps to keep your expenses within budget and your inventory safely protected from any loss or damage. We have handled a number of fulfillment services from a variety of different industries.

Postal Processing & Distribution Services

Having the most accurate data is a key component to a successful direct marketing campaign. With every direct mail package we deliver, we complete a number of services to ensure the accuracy of the mailing addresses we are delivering to. Our postal processing services update and provide the most current mailing addresses, so you don’t send out pieces that will go undelivered. We also work directly with the USPS so we can pass on the lowest postage rates possible.

At CORE we perform all sorts of processing services, so we can provide our clients with the most efficient mailing lists:

  • - Business & Consumer Data Appends
  • - Merge/Purge of Customer Files
  • - Postal Processing
  • - Presorting

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