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Database Management & Analytics
The CORE isn’t just any direct mail company. We take pride in the fact that we provide our clients with the very best in everything it takes to put a successful direct mail campaign in place, including our database management and analytics services. Data analysis is a primary starting point for a successful direct marketing campaign – especially when it comes to increasing revenues from your existing customers. On top of our strategy development, creative and full production services, The CORE provides all of our database management and analytics expertise in-house.
Folder Our Data Services include...
  • Customer & Prospect File Segmentation
  • Evaluation of Customer File & Activity
  • Data Processing
  • Data Selection
  • Complete ROI (Return on Investment) Analysis
  • Full Data Confidentiality & Security
Service Details

Customer & Prospect File Segmentation

Deciding who should receive your piece of communication and who should not is a vital element in the success of a direct mail program. Our Data Analysts are experts at working with our clients’ data to extract profitable cross-sell marketing opportunities and increasing revenues. At CORE, we have the expertise to be able to tell you who you should be mailing, and why.

Evaluation of Customer File & Activity

Your customers are evaluated individually, according to their actions and/or activity, so your communication with them is directly related to your overall goals and objectives. At CORE, we will tell you what your customers are doing so we can present you with the most efficient strategy to accomplish all your marketing objectives.

Data Processing

At CORE, we specialize in Data Processing to ensure your database is used to its fullest potential. Each program is set up to process uniquely, dependent upon your program’s objectives. Whether you need to maximize your existing database to cross-sell additional products/services or expand market share to acquire new customers, processing your database is a necessary component in the development of your direct mail campaign.

Data Selection

Decades of experience ensure we can manage any project in our Data Processing Department. Our Data Analysts have an extensive background in Data Selection. No matter how large or complicated a database, we are able to select the right people to mail, based on your marketing objectives and an evaluation of your customers’ activity.

ROI Analysis

Are your current programs working effectively? Do you have the control and ability to monitor each program on a weekly basis and implement changes necessary to increase response? All of The CORE’s marketing programs come with detailed response metrics to measure the effectiveness and profitability of each of our campaigns, so you know exactly what The CORE is doing for you.

Confidentiality & Security

The security of your customer data is a number one priority at The CORE. We utilize state-of-the-art data encryption, employ video and motion surveillance 24 hours a day and have strict, limited access throughout our production facility.

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