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Creative Design & Development
The CORE has an in-house Creative Department, comprised of talented Graphic Designers with 30 years of experience in creating marketing packages that compel immediate action and support any on-going brand building currently in place. We have the creative talent needed to devise and execute a wide range of effective direct marketing campaigns.
Pie chart Our Creative Services include...
  • Full In-House Creative Design & Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Website Development
Service Details

Creative Design & Development

Since we are capable of handling all of our creative projects in-house, our clients find it to be incredibly easy to make any graphic changes or necessary alterations throughout the creative development process. This also allows us to help our clients in terms of cost, as well as time.

Graphic Design

The CORE’s Graphic Designers have the expertise to execute creative designs for a multitude of different direct mail packages, no matter what your bottom-line objective may be. Whether it is auto insurance or baseball bats, our Graphic Design service is proven to be on time, on budget and most importantly, efficient and effective. With our in-house Graphic Design capabilities, we are able to handle any changes that are needed at any stage of the process, while maintaining your schedule and budget, even at the last minute.


A vital element in the effectiveness of any direct mail package is how your product is being communicated to the consumer. The CORE understands the importance of copywriting and has a copywriting staff with the experience to take on any program – we know the best approach, based on your product and goals.

Creative Website Development

A complete Direct Marketing Communications Program includes the use of the internet as a channel for marketing. At The CORE, we not only build powerful websites, we develop total Internet Marketing Strategies by working from the outside in. With traditional and electronic traffic generation programs, we’ll drive prospects and customers to your site, ready to buy.

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