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The CORE Organization

For over 30 years, The CORE Organization has been an aggressive leader in the direct marketing industry. Our strategic development and execution of effective direct marketing campaigns has been proven to help our clients reach – and most times exceed – each of their marketing objectives.

The CORE specializes in the development and implementation of efficient strategic direct marketing plans. Each program is specially designed dependent upon the industry each campaign encompasses. CORE’s industry expertise is comprised of:

  • » Financial Services
  • » Insurance
  • » Retail/Commercial Banking
  • » Sports Marketing
  • » Nutrition
  • » Retail
  • » Non-profit

Every one of our programs are designed to drive a specific action through response, increase bottom line profits (ROI) and always execute on time and on budget.



Quality Data Analysis

CORE recognizes the importance of your customer database. Our data professionals take the time to analyze and identify trends within your database, which are then used to propose a very specific communication strategy. Our proprietary ‘Life Cycle Marketing Software’ can target and select the most profitable segments of your database to increase revenue.

Trigger Marketing

We also specialize in a very unique program we like to call our ‘Trigger’ Marketing Program. This approach utilizes your very own customer database to develop specific ‘triggers’, which are your precise customer actions that signal which communication will most effectively cross-sell the best product, based on the customers action.

Cost-Effective Solutions

CORE provides the highest quality services at the lowest cost possible because we have the advantage and capability to perform each step in-house, from graphic design to lettershop and fulfillment. Unlike most other direct marketing firms, we won’t raise the cost on printing or charge an excess amount for graphic changes – as every step of the program is a part of what we are comprised to handle.

It’s time to put the CORE where it should be – at the center of all your marketing efforts.

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